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William C. Wilson

Educational Technology Specialist

Science and Technology Curriculum Specialist

Chief - Dragon Logic Enterprises

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Areas of interest include:

  • Secondary Science Curricula
  • Curriculum Design for technology integration 
  • technology implementation
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Perl/CGI Scripts

  • NAU-CEE: ECI - 306 Lesson Plan Database
  • NAU-CEE: ECI - 306 Lesson Plan Grading Form E-mailer
  • NAU-CEE: ECI -751/568 Student Website comments Submissions E-mailers
  • NAU-CEE: Lesson Plan Database
  • NAU-Physics: Online Questionaire Submissions Processer (revised)
  • DALnethelp online orientation quiz form mailer

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Webbased Presentations


William C. Wilson

1999 - Present NYC Board of Education
1999 - Present Richmond Hill H.S. - Science Teacher  Technology Coordinator (2000 - 2003)
Teaching Earth Science and Physics. Curriculum Development Initial teaching of Forensic Science, Astronomy and Meteorology. Chairman of the School Technology Committee, School Webmaster, Responsible for developing a schoolwide technology implementation and training/staff development plan.

1998 - 1999 - Curriculum Specialist SETI Institute: Voyages Through Time
HS Science Curriculum
Preparing Lessons and curriculum materials for the Origins of Life and Diversity of Life modules. Assisting on Cosmic Evolution, Planetary Evolution, Hominid Evolution, and Evolution of Technology modules. Project Webmaster.

1997 -1998 - Graduate Assistant - Northern Arizona University, Center for Excellence in Education
Responsible for classroom assistance with student computer projects. Also responsible for web programming for a variety of courses, including creation of webpages, Perl scripts for forms, and web-database interactive searches.

1995-1996 Dragon Logic Enterprises
Responsible for webpage creation, internet training, and graphics captures/designs.Hardware and Software internship with Alpha Strike, Inc. including familiarization with Wndows 3.11 and Win95 networks, internet connections and office software including MS-Office, Ami Pro, and both the Lotus Smart Suite and the Perfect Office Suite of applications.

1993-1995 Hawaii Dept. of Education
1994-1995 Kamuela Middle School
Earth Science Teacher
Responsible for curriculum development and implementation in Earth Science. Assisted in coordination of science curriculum grades 1-8. Science Fair Coordinator for middle school ( 2 State projects). Solar Car Team Supervisor. Seventh and eighth Grade G/T Science teacher.
1993-1994 Keaau Middle School
Science Teacher
Responsible for curriculum development and implementation for 8th grade Earth Science Class. Science fair Coordinator (8 district projects).

1985-1993 NYC Board of Education
1989-1993 John Jay Academy of Legal Studies- John Jay H.S.
Forensic Science Coordinator
Responsible for curriculum design and implementation for a 2 year sequence in Forensic Science. Designed and built a Teaching Laboratory including capacity for crime scene analysis,microscopic analysis, wet chemistry, paper, thin layer and gas chromatography, electrophoresis and DNA analysis. Assisted in design, implementation and maintainence of school wide computer network.

William C. Wilson

1985-1989 Science Teacher
Taught courses in Earth Science, Meteorology and Climatology, Planetary Astronomy, Extra-Solar Astronomy and Biology. In addition taught Chemistry, Physics, and Earth Science Laboratory courses. Physical Science Teacher for Mini-school program for at-risk students. Physical Science Advisor for the Westinghouse (now Intel) Math / Science Research Program. Faculty Advisor for Computer and Photography Clubs.

1981-1982, 19984 Anadrill/Schlumberger
Engineer and On-Site Geologist
Worked in Houston, TX; Jamaica, Malaysia, Singapore, and Burma. Responsible for onsite analysis of drilling samples and hydrocarbons. Advised rig management on drilling safety and efficiency based on real time analysis of drilling data.

American Association for the Advancement of Science
National Science Teachers Association
International Society of Technology Educators
New York Biology Teachers Association
National Association of Geoscience Teachers

1998 Northern Arizona University
M.Ed. in Secondary Education with a specialization in Science and Technology.
1975-1979 Adelphi University
B.S. in Geology

1995 -1999 DALnet IRC Network #DALnethelp Coordinator, Training Coordinator, Services Operator
Responsible for network wide Services Help Channel for an international IRC network reaching 80,000+ consumers daily. Supervising over 100 volunteer workers, coordinating a channel training program with over 50 students.
1995 -1998 DALnet IRC network
IRC Operator and CSOP
Ohana, Mindijari, Coins and Liberty Servers

1993 & 1994 Summers U.S.G.S. - Hawaii Volcano Observatory
Assistant Photoarchivist and Photographer
Created a catalog, index and computer database of Aerial Photographs of the Hawaiian Chain. Cataloged incoming photographs, Assisted with onsite photographic monitoring and documentation of volcanic events and activity.

1990-1993 Rockefeller University
Advisory Committee - Science Outreach Program


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