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Legal Considerations for Educational Use of the Web

What laws apply to the Internet?
  1. State Laws

  2. a) Privacy Laws
    b) Liabilty
  3. Federal Laws

  4. a) Harassment
    b) Telecommunications (wiretaping)
    c) Telecommunications (faxing, spamming, etc.)
    d) Copyright
  5. International Laws/Treaties

  6. a) Telecommunications
    b) Copyright
    c) Other
What are the primary educational issues affecting Internet use? 
  1. Access Priveledges

  2. a) Priveledge or right?
    b) Acceptable Use Policies (AUP)
  3. Editorial Control and Free Speech
  4. Copyright

  5. a) Fair Use
    b) Licenses, warez, and shareware
    c) Intelectual Property rights
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